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used mercedes parts phoenix

We sell used Mercedes parts from Miami to the rest of the world. Cleaned, packed and warranted pieces for your Mercedes Benz vehicle.

Best quality

Every part is reviewed, cleaned and packaged to provide you with an incredible shopping experience. You don’t need to dismantle by yourself.

Competitive Prices.

We have the parts you need at the most competitive prices, Save up to 75% off OEM prices on thousands of auto parts.

Fast Delivery.

We keep our promises. All parts in stock have next day delivery. Every order has a guaranteed delivery date.


We offer a warranty on all items sold. Six Months Money Back Guarantee!. Extended warranty with replacement or return.


We are not a junkyard

We are your trusted provider for original Mercedes used and remanufactured parts.

Personalized Customer Service.

Our customer support specialists are just a phone call away.

Easy Returns.

Enjoy peace of mind just in case you ordered the wrong part.

Tested motors.

We check all our motor to verify they are in optimum conditions. We provide a six-month warranty for engines with less than 75,000 miles.


We use state-of-the-art encryption system in our website. Your data is always safe with us.

Check our inventory at once.

There’s no need to wait for calls.

Real-Time Access.

Get instant access to quoting, ordering and tracking parts online.

Specialized control software.

Allows us to offer new pieces inventory the next day the car arrives at us.

Specialized storage.

We have racks and specialized spaces to guarantee the conservation of the pieces.

Parts procure

We can find for you the parts that we do not have in stock if you can wait Either used or new.

Local and worldwide delivery

We have our transport fleet for local transportation, and we work with USPS and FedEx for national and international distribution. We can deliver to your courier in Miami too.

Additional warranty

If you repair your car at our workshop, you will have a guarantee for labor and the parts.

Origin of our parts

Our used Mercedes parts come from different sources like Junk cars that we buy in the US, also from other US-based business and finally from our international OEM recycled and new parts providers.
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All these sources allow us to provides you with an exceptional inventory with which we have a very high probability of being able to offer you that piece that you are looking for.

What differences us from junk cars yards?

Since most of our clients do not have the experience, the tools and the time, we take care of dismantling our junk cars.
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Our mechanical experts know Mercedes cars perfectly, they have adequate tools and besides that, they have strict quality procedures to avoid damages during the process of pieces disassembling.

This allows you to focus on what you need, which is to get the original used Mercedes parts in excellent conditions, quickly, and at the best price and that is what we do for you.

Environment Protection

We want to leave a better world for our children, due to we take very seriously the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and also the Miami Dade Environmental Code Compliance.

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We classify and transport all parts and pieces of waste to the different companies in charge of the processing and recycling of these types of materials, so we help to have a better environment in which we all live in.


We believe that the cleaning of the parts we deliver is essential, that is why we take the effort to clean them so that you not only receive quality used parts but also that it looks as new or in the best possible way.

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For the cleaning we use selected chemicals that do not harm the environment and that once applied, we dispose of them in complying with all environmental regulations.


For most of our parts, we apply procedures to verify correct operation and standards. These measures allow us to be entirely sure that you will not have problems when installing our products.
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Also, these tests allow us to guarantee that the strict quality levels that our used Mercedes parts have are going to fulfill all your needs and expectations.


To better guarantee conservation during the storage and to protect them during the transport, we pack most of our pieces. Additionally, depending on whether it is a local dispatch or international shipment, we take the necessary 

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measures to ensure that the piece will arrive in good condition regardless of whether the carrier is by air or sea.

All our used Mercedes parts are pieces of high technology, and some like computers and sensors are delicate, and therefore we are very attentive to pack them most suitable.


Once our Mercedes used parts are clean and packed, we put them in specific places according to the type of piece. For example, we keep computers and electronic components on temperature controlled environments and upholstery pieces in dry areas.
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We mark all our pieces with barcode labels, and we load their position into our systems, so when you order it, we can dispatch it quickly.


Each piece that we quote and sell has a promised date of dispatch that we strive every day to fulfill.
It is clear that bad weather and other unexpected situations can affect these times of dispatch;
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however, we will do everything in our power to honor them, and if we can not, we will let you know as soon as possible and in that way you can take the appropriate measures.


One of the aspects that differentiate us from our competitors is the guarantee of our used Mercedes parts.
If you were wrong in ordering a piece, please return it, and by paying a small cost of restocking, you can solve the problem.
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If due to our failure, the piece that arrives is not the right one, let us know, and we will organize the best way to return it at no cost to you.

Our Mercedes engines with less than 75,000 miles have a six-month warranty. For all the other pieces of equipment, our standard warranty is 30 days.


Buying used Mercedes parts from us is a smooth experience that you will always remember.
Our expert and friendly technicians will guide you until we find the solution to your requirement.
We always strive to give our best service, most efficiently and efficiently.

Know more about our used Mercedes parts

(Short video, 95 seg)

Are you looking for Used Mercedes parts Phoenix?

All Mercedes Benz users think about keeping quality standards and reducing their vehicles’ maintenance costs.

When looking for Mercedes salvage yard, try Cor-auto to get the best used Mercedes parts in Phoenix. Along with unbeatable prices, we have an exceptional inventory where you’ll find the exact piece you need.

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Request your quote now. Working with us is secure and reliable, and our quality services will meet all your needs and expectations.
Visit our used Mercedes Benz parts online site and request your quote or call us to discuss any parts requirement for your vehicle.

Five things you should know about our used Mercedes parts

1- They’re safe. OEM parts come from wrecked vehicles with still usable parts which can be used to repair or rebuild functioning cars. They’re even more reliable than aftermarket parts.

2- Replacement parts preserve your car excellent condition. They fit most Mercedes specifications and avoid mismatch problems.

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3- They’re cost-effective items. Recycling is a cost-saving process that provides components for a fraction of the expense of a new one. Their cost is lower than that of the dealer parts; it could be saving you up to 75%.

4- They’re easily reached. You can get challenging to find parts immediately, whether outdated or discontinued, at affordable prices. This way, you can undertake costly car renovations like Mercedes Benz used engines and replace or substitute others like Mercedes transmission.

5- They offer greater assurance of their quality. Since the parts are usually clean and tested, you receive a warranted product.

What are the most common used Mercedes parts for replacement?

When needing replacement parts, our Mercedes customers don’t take risks. You can also get the best used Mercedes parts from a reliable provider like Cor-Auto. With this decision, you will keep the quality and efficiency of your vehicle.

Once you start to work with us, you will say, I have the most reliable Mercedes Benz salvage yard near me. We know that many of our clients don’t have the experience, the tools, and the time to remove elements by themselves, so we do the hard work for you.

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We dismantle the cars and provide you the best used Mercedes parts with high-quality and guarantees.
We have lots of Mercedes vehicles with functional elements depending on what you want and the one that better meets your needs.
Also, we can acquire any difficult to find part for you like any exterior, interior, or electrical component, just send us your request.
Most common Mercedes Benz used auto parts we can find for you include:

Significant parts Small parts



Suspension system


Frames and other body parts


Electrical and electronic parts





Auto glass

Car stereo equipment



Whether you are:

  • Trying to reduce your Mercedes maintenance costs;
  • Undertaking expensive car renovations;
  • Replacing or repair large or small sections of your vehicle;
  • Looking for challenging to find parts, whether outdated or discontinued;
  • Maintaining your Mercedes appreciated and closer to its original state;
  • Keeping your investment for the future resale value of your vehicle;
  • Acquiring or planning to buy a used Mercedes with minor repair issues;

You can trust us as your used Mercedes parts Phoenix provider. We offer you a vast selection of the highest quality used Mercedes parts.

Also, the incredible shopping experience from our used Mercedes parts online site can save you both money and time. Give us a call; our Mercedes Benz specialists are always ready to help you identify the part you need quickly. 

How can I choose the right part for my Mercedes?

Being the owner of a Mercedes Benz comes with some costs. When repair and replacement time comes, you may be worried about having everything covered at the best possible price.
There is an ideal solution to care for your car and enjoy it to the fullest: our Used Mercedes parts. The adequate used auto part will preserve the original state of your vehicle, so extending its lifetime.

But how do you choose the right part?

Here are three basic recommendation to choose the right part for your Mercedes vehicle:

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1- Get original parts. Aftermarket parts resemble original parts and are much cheaper, but they may seriously affect the performance of your Mercedes-Benz. OEM are more reliable and with us, they always come with a warranty.
Since our parts come from the car manufacturer directly, there is no need to worry about matching because they’ll fit all your Mercedes’s specifications.

2- Rely on a trusted source. As your Mercedes Benz salvage yard near you, we offer cleaned and tested parts ready to install with competitive prices and delivery services. Also, we have a replacement or return service if you were wrong in ordering.

3- Get help. When needing replacement or repair for your car, make sure you work with highly trained and certified mechanics. Our Mercedes Benz specialists have a great deal to help you get the exact used Mercedes parts your car need, you’ll save a considerable amount of both money and time.
If you are in the Miami area and looking for Mercedes Benz used parts Miami you may take advantage of our Mercedes Repair Shop or Auto Body Shop. At Cor-auto, you’ll find the appropriate replacement and will receive a complete service for your specific requirements.

Having your car repaired at one of our facilities will offer you a warranty for labor and the used Mercedes parts we provide.

Are you ready to get the best used Mercedes parts?

Visit us

You are welcome at any time to visit our facilities, try the quality service and cordiality that characterizes us. Here you will find used Mercedes parts specialists but also friends ready to help you

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