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Cor-auto provides the best used mercedes engines in miami. Immediate delivery, with six month’s warranty and the best price.

Best quality

Every engine is reviewed, cleaned, and packaged to provide you with a great shopping experience.
Buy with confidence.

Competitive Prices

We have the most competitive prices on the market. Your saving cost can reach up to 70% less compared to Mercedes Benz engine dealers.

Fast Delivery

All engines in stock have next-day delivery. Every order has a guaranteed delivery date and we keep our promises.


We offer a six months warranty on all sold engines and an additional extended warranty with an easy return.

Know more about our Used Mercedes Engines

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Used Mercedes engines are an excellent option for those looking to maintain the quality and reliability of their car without spending too much.

Our used Mercedes engines for sale come from junk cars we buy in the US, ensuring they possess all the original integral parts of a fully-functioning engine.

Not only do they cost less than new ones, but they can also perform better than rebuilt engines due to the presence of original components.

When you purchase Mercedes used engines from Cor Auto, you can rest assured that these are reliable and will last for many miles and years.

COR AUTO sells used Mercedes Benz engines, original, cleaned, packed, tested, and warrantied for most Mercedes Benz models.

Core Auto is your one-stop shop for your Mercedes Benz!


We Are Not a Mercedes Junkyard

COR-AUTO is a trusted provider for original used Mercedes engines in Miami.

Personalized Customer Service

Our customer support specialists are just a phone call away.

Easy Returns

Enjoy peace of mind just in case you ordered the wrong part.


We use a state-of-the-art encryption system on our website. Your data is always safe with us.

Specialized Control Software

This allows us to offer the best inventory the day after the car arrives at our facility.

Specialized Storage

We have racks and specialized spaces to guarantee the conservation and safety of each part.

Parts Procurement

If you can wait, we can find you any part that we do not have in stock.

Local Miami and Worldwide Delivery

We have a transport fleet for local transportation, and we work with USPS and FedEx for national and international distribution. We can deliver to your courier in Miami too.

Additional Warranty

If you repair your car at our auto shop, you will have an extended warranty for parts and labor.

We Provide The Best Used Mercedes Engines

Where We Get Our Parts

Our used Mercedes engines come from junk cars that we buy in the US and from other US-based businesses. These sources allow us to provide you with an exceptional inventory at the best price.

What Makes Us Different from a Junkyard?

Since most of our clients do not have the experience, the tools, or the time, we take care of dismantling junk cars.
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Our expert mechanics know Mercedes cars perfectly, they have adequate tools and follow strict quality procedures to avoid damages during the disassembly process.
This allows you to focus on what you need, which is to get the original used mercedes engines in excellent condition, quickly, and at the best price. That is what we do for you.

Environment Protection

We want to leave a better world for our children, so we take very seriously the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and also the Miami Dade Environmental Code Compliance.

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We classify and transport all parts and pieces of waste to different companies in charge of processing and recycling of these types of materials, so we help to have a better environment in which we all live.


We believe that the cleaning of the parts we deliver is essential. That is why we take the effort to clean them so that you not only receive quality used Mercedes parts but also that it looks new or in the best possible condition.
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We use selected chemicals that do not harm the environment and once applied, we comply with all environmental regulations for disposal methods.


For most of our parts, we apply procedures to verify correct operation and standards. These measures allow us to be entirely sure that you will not have problems when installing our products.
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Also, these tests allow us to guarantee that the strict quality levels that our used Mercedes parts have are going to fulfill all your needs and expectations.


To better guarantee the safety of our parts while in storage and to protect them during transportation, we pack most of our pieces. Additionally, depending on whether it is a local dispatch or an international shipment, we take the necessary
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measures to ensure that the piece will arrive in good condition, regardless of whether the shipment is by ground, air, or sea.


Each used Mercedes engine that we quote and sell has a promised date of dispatch that we strive every day to fulfill.
Unexpected situations can affect these dispatch times; but always, even on these rare occasions, we will be in contact with you.


One of the aspects that sets us apart from our competitors is the guarantee of our used Mercedes engines.
If you were wrong in ordering a piece, please return it and we’ll charge a small restocking fee.
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If the engine is not the right one due to a failure onour end, let us know and we will organize the best way to return it at no cost to you.


Buying used Mercedes engines from us is a smooth experience that you will always remember.
Our expert and friendly technicians will guide you until we find the best solution
We always strive to give our best, most efficient service.

6 Common problems with Mercedes-Benz engines and How to identify them

Driving an iconic luxury vehicle like a Mercedes Benz comes with a certain level of maintenance and upkeep, and problems can occur with any make or model of engine.

Therefore, the best thing you can do to prevent these situations is to be aware of the symptoms that engines can show.

Mileage is crucial to give a precise diagnosis of engine failures, but here there are typical troubles with Mercedes Benz engines:

1. Fuel injector problems

Pay attention to any fuel smells in the car or engine noises when driving; also, browse for rust stains or black deposits around the injectors.

Carbon, dirt, or debris can get caught on the engine valves causing the fuel to burn inefficiently and, in time, damaging the motor.

Recurring power losses and faulty sensors also may indicate that valves or their components are wearing out and need replacing.

2. Oil leaks

Low oil levels, oil stains on the floor, and a smelly exhaust are often caused by failed sealants or faulty gaskets needing replacing.

3. Misfires

Difficulty starting the car and decreasing or losing power is one of the most common motor problems and is usually related to spark plug issues.

4. Balance shaft gear failure

This issue generally indicates problems with the timing chain. If not addressed promptly, it can lead to expensive repairs and potential engine breakdown.

5. Emission of black, white, or blue smoke

Black smoke means the engine gets too little air; blue smoke shows excessive oil burning, while white smoke indicates failing cylinders.

6. Loud knock noises

Knocking sounds could indicate that the bearings are failing or have cracked.

Why buying used Mercedes engines could be a better option than new ones?

Before going to the dealership for a brand new motor, consider that used Mercedes engines for sale can be a better replacement option. Why?

Benefits of buying Used Mercedes Engines

Competitive price

Used Mercedes engines save you a significant amount of money since they cost much less than new Mercedes Benz engines. That means you can get a top-quality engine at a fraction of the price.

Model Consistency

Regardless of the model, to ensure the complete performance of your Mercedes, you should replace its original engine with something equal in quality and power. That’s why finding a used Mercedes Benz engine that matches or exceeds the quality you expect from a brand-new model is an advantage.

Keep your investment

Used Mercedes engines help to keep a brand-new-like style since they maintain the complete manufacturer’s design and OEM parts. Original engine parts make used Mercedes Benz very appealing and can increase the resale value of your Mercedes.

Safe environment

Buying a used Mercedes engine is better for the environment, as it reduces waste and requires less energy to produce them. That makes used Mercedes engines a cost-effective, reliable, and eco-friendly motor option.

Endurance & Performance

With technology advancements and proper maintenance practices, a used engine can be as reliable and long-lasting as the original.

Additionally, a used motor has already been run through its break-in period, meaning used Mercedes Benz engines are reliable as they’ve already proven themselves on the road.

Problems you can avoid when installing your used Mercedes engines at Cor Auto workshop.

Wrong setup

Installing a Mercedes Benz engine is difficult and complex work. Therefore, it should be carried out by an auto repair shop specializing in Mercedes Benz systems or German auto parts, like Cor Auto Repair in Miami, Fl.

Being unfamiliar with the design’s mechanics and specifics can lead to disastrous mistakes and waste when installing your engine replacement.

System failure

Installing used Mercedes engines by an independent repair shop or yourself may not ensure the engine functions properly and efficiently.

Improper setup increases the risk of electrical malfunction, mismatches due to damaged or wrong choice of parts, premature failure, and damaging other parts of the car.

No warranty

Performing repairs without the help of certified professional mechanics may void your warranty and return policy.

When you install your used Mercedes engine at Cor Auto, you get an extended warranty for the parts and labor.

Take chances

The risks involved in doing your repairs may be more considerable than you think, primarily because you will need the proper tools and a fair amount of knowledge about the parts to install them.

In addition, you may experience unforeseen expenses because of severe injuries to yourself or damage to the engine or its parts

How does it work when installing used mercedes engines at cor auto?

What do we inspect before the Mercedes engine installation?

  • Thoroughly check the engine for any broken or missing parts.
  • Ensure the used engine has a long block that matches the previous one.
  • Inspect and verify the timing components and replace them if needed.
  • Inspect accessories, gaskets, and other Mercedes parts that may cause complications in the future.
  • Ensure the car has the correct oil pressure and a properly functioning electrical system.
What do we do when installing used Mercedes Benz engines?

  • Remove debris by flushing the cooling system.
  • Replace the old filter or clean it for better functionality.
  • Replace the oil gasket and main seal.
  • Drain the oils and replace them with the Mercedes recommended level.
  • Change the oil filter.
  • Switch the water hose with newer ones or used ones from COR-AUTO.


How much does an engine for Benz cost?
Our used Mercedes engines start at $5,000, depending on the model and the mileage. If you install it in our workshop, we will give you an additional discount for the parts and labor.

A new Mercedes engine always costs several times our price for the same motor.

How long do Mercedes engines usually last?
Mercedes engines’ life span is more than 250,000 miles when correctly used and maintained.

At this point, or when you start to suffer the different problems of a worn-out engine, buying an original used Mercedes engine from Cor Auto is wise.

Do you offer a warranty? How does it work?
We offer a 6-month warranty. By carrying out regular maintenance, you can guarantee your Mercedes engine will deliver years of dependable service.

In addition, we provide a warranty for labor and parts when we install your engine in our workshop.

How do I find my Mercedes engine number?
If you seek to find the engine number on your Mercedes, look at the stamped plate on the driver’s side of your car’s engine block.

New Inventory of Used Mercedes Engines


MERCEDES CLA250 4 CYL W117 M270 2.0L FWD 2015


MERCEDES C250 4 CYL W204 M271 1.8L RWD 2014


MERCEDES C300 6 CYL W204 M272 3.0L AWD 2012

MERCEDES C300 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L AWD 2012

MERCEDES C300 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L AWD 2013

MERCEDES C300 4 CYL W205 M274 2.0L RWD 2016


MERCEDES C350 6CYL W207 M276 3.5L RWD 2013

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L RWD 2012

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L RWD 2014

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L RWD 2016

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L AWD 2014

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L AWD 2015


MERCEDES E400 6CYL W207 M276 3.0L 2017


MERCEDES E550 8 CYL W212 M273 5.5L RWD 2011


MERCEDES GLA250 4 CYL W156 M270 2.0L FWD 2015


MERCEDES CLS550 8 CYL W218 M273 5.5L RWD 2008

MERCEDES CLS550 8 CYL W219 M278 4.6L RWD 2012

MERCEDES CLS550 8 CYL W219 M278 4.6L RWD 2014


MERCEDES S550 8 CYL W221 M273 5.5L RWD 2007

MERCEDES S550 8 CYL W221 M278 4.6L AWD 2012


MERCEDES GLK350 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L AWD 2013

MERCEDES GLK350 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L AWD 2015

MERCEDES GLK350 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L RWD 2013

MERCEDES GLK350 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L RWD 2014


MERCEDES ML350 6 CYL W166 M276 3.5L AWD 2012

MERCEDES ML350 6 CYL W166 M276 3.5L AWD 2013

MERCEDES ML350 6 CYL W166 M276 3.5L AWD 2015


MERCEDES GL450 8 CYL W164 M273 5.5L RWD 2012

MERCEDES GL450 8 CYL W164 M278 4.6L RWD 2015

Are you ready to get the best used Mercedes engine?

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