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About Cor-Auto

Cor Auto is a family business, and for several generations, we have taken the cars in our veins.

Due to our European origin, for many years we had fallen in love with German cars and more specifically with the most prestigious firm such as Mercedes Benz.

Our motivations have been multiple, first the fact that many of these vehicles for different reasons were not usable, after short periods of time, it seemed to us a pity since a lot of the technology could be reused in other vehicles allowing in this way to make quality repairs, with original parts to a lower cost.

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Second, many of these repairs when they were not made in the Mercedes dealers and by specialized technicians, frequently presented problems and were very costly, so we decided to create our team and do it by ourselves.

Third, our customers frequently needed not only mechanical or electrical repairs but also body shop.

Are you ready to get the best used Mercedes parts?

For all these reasons our vision has been to provide quality parts and services for Mercedes Benz at more reasonable costs for all those lovers of luxury, technology, safety, and the status that driving a vehicle of this brand confers.

Finally, we realized that many people could not buy a used Mercedes with the certainty that it was in perfect condition and this encouraged us to compare them, make our certification and sell it with the full assurance that the buyers will enjoy many years of quality and comfort with a lower initial investment.

In all these years, our clients, who generally become our friends, have given us a great satisfaction for the mission accomplished and the joy of having them to have and keep the Mercedes of their dreams.

We hope that, if you are not yet our client, it will happen soon and together we can ride the streets of life aboard one of the most prestigious vehicles in the world such as Mercedes Benz.

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You are welcome at any time to visit our facilities, try the quality service and cordiality that characterizes us.

Here you will find used Mercedes parts specialists but also friends ready to help you.

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