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2017 Mercedes Benz S550

 for 2016 to 2018 s550 models Original used parts that could save you up to 75% off OEM prices.

We sell Mercedes Benz used, original, cleaned, packed, and warranted parts, ready to get you back to the road.

Best Quality

Every part is inspected, cleaned, and packaged adequately for an incredible shopping experience.

Competitive Prices

You can save up to 75% off OEM prices on thousands of used car auto parts.

Fast Delivery

All in-stock parts are available for next-day delivery, and every order has a guaranteed delivery date.


We offer a one-month comprehensive warranty on all items sold. Rest assured that your purchase is protected.


We can ship our used car parts to all 48 contiguous states. Call us and ask for a shipping quote.


We supply parts for frequent buyers such as mechanic shops, other junkyards, insurance companies, etc.

We sell used parts for Mercedes and other brands


For more than 15 years, we have specialized in used parts for Mercedes-Benz. With our accumulated experience, we have expanded and now offer parts for various other brands.

We buy your junk car

Do you have a damaged, totaled, or unwanted vehicle?
Opt for our convenient junk car purchasing service and quickly turn it into immediate cash.


We are not a simple Mercedes junkyard.

We are your trusted provider for original Mercedes used and recycled parts.

Personalized Customer Service.

Our customer support specialists are just a phone call away.

Easy Returns.

Enjoy peace of mind just in case you ordered the wrong part.


We use state-of-the-art encryption system in our website. Your data is always safe with us.

Specialized control software.

Allows us to offer new pieces inventory the next day the car arrives at us.

Specialized storage.

We have racks and specialized spaces to guarantee the conservation of the pieces.

Parts procure

If you can wait, we can find for you the parts that we do not have in stock.

Local and worldwide delivery

We have our transport fleet for local transportation, and we work with USPS and FedEx for national and international distribution. We can deliver to your courier in Miami too.

Additional warranty

If you repair your car at our workshop, you will have an extended warranty for labor parts.

More about us and our parts

Origin of our parts

Our Mercedes Used Auto Parts comes from Junk cars that we buy in the US, also from other US-based business. All these sources allow us to provide you with an exceptional inventory with which we have a very high probability of being able to offer you the transmission that you are looking for.

What differences us from junk cars yards?

Since most of our clients do not have the experience, the tools and the time, we take care of dismantling our junk cars.
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Our mechanical experts know Mercedes cars perfectly, they have adequate tools and besides that, they have strict quality procedures to avoid damages during the process of pieces disassembling.
This allows you to focus on what you need, which is to get the original Mercedes Used Transmission in excellent condition, quickly, and at the best price and that is what we do for you. This is why we are your Mercedes junkyard.

Environment Protection

We want to leave a better world for our children, due to we take very seriously the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and also the Miami Dade Environmental Code Compliance.
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We classify and transport all parts and pieces of waste to the different companies in charge of the processing and recycling of these types of materials, so we help to have a better environment in which we all live in.


We believe that the cleaning of the parts we deliver is essential, that is why we take the effort to clean them so that you not only receive quality used Mercedes parts but also that it looks as new or in the best possible way.
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For the cleaning we use selected chemicals that do not harm the environment and that once applied, we dispose of them in complying with all environmental regulations.


For most of our parts, we apply procedures to verify correct operation and standards. These measures allow us to be entirely sure that you will not have problems when installing our products.
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Also, these tests allow us to guarantee that the strict quality levels that our used Mercedes parts have are going to fulfill all your needs and expectations.


To better guarantee the conservation of our parts during their storage and to protect them during the transport, we pack most of our pieces. Additionally, depending on whether it is a local dispatch or international shipment, we take the necessary.
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measures to ensure that the piece will arrive in good condition regardless of whether the shipment is by ground, air or sea.


Each Mercedes Used Part that we quote and sell has a promised date of dispatch that we strive every day to fulfill.
Unexpected situations can affect these dispatch times; but always, even on these rare occasions, we will be in contact with you.


One of the aspects that differentiate us from our competitors is the guarantee of our parts.
If you were wrong in ordering a piece, please return it, and by paying a small cost of restocking, you can solve the problem.
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If due to our failure, the piece that transmission is not the right one, let us know, and we will organize the best way to return it at no cost to you.


Buying Mercedes Used Auto Parts from us is a smooth experience that you will always remember.
Our expert and friendly technicians will guide you until we find the solution to your requirement.
We always strive to give our best service, most efficiently and efficiently.

2017 Mercedes Benz S550

2016 to 2018 S550  used car parts.

Chassis W222 8Cyl 4.6L turbocharged for parts out. It comes with surround view, blind spot assist, keep line assist, Parking assist, Active LED headlamps, Active Collision Protection, panoramic roof and much more.

On the this S class Mercedes-Benz put all their best technology available. It is a real automotive gem. We have hundreds of used parts available for sale with excellent quality.

2017 Mercedes Benz S550: The Used Parts You May Need

There’s a reason that Mercedes-Benz continuously changes the automobile industry. Each year, the manufacturer puts out vehicles that are filled with luxury and quality performance.

In this regard, the 2017 Mercedes Benz S550 is a great vehicle that you should look into. 

However, when purchasing a Mercedes model, or any other vehicle for that matter, you need to strike a balance between choosing the right vehicle and also managing the repair and maintenance.

The only way to get the best possible performance out of your Mercedes is by also knowing where to get the best parts. We’ve got you covered in that regard.

Consider these guidelines so that you can learn more about this amazing Mercedes 2017 model and how to purchase the perfect parts for it.

A Breakdown of the 2017 Mercedes Benz S550

So what should you know about the 2017 Mercedes Benz S550?
Here are a few points to consider:

Get to Know the Engine and Performance

First and foremost, this vehicle has a powerful engine that is tested and one of the best in the industry. It features a twin-turbocharged with eight cylinders.

It also has direct fuel injection.
In terms of performance, this Mercedes model gets 449 horsepower at 5000 RPM, along with 516 lbs-foot at 1800 RPM torque. This combines for a ride that is both smooth and powerful at the same time.

You should also do your research into how frequently you’ll need oil changes and general maintenance.

When purchasing this model or any other, you owe it to yourself to look into a maintenance package that will take care of the vehicle for as long as you own it.
You can purchase one of these plans with your Mercedes so that you get pre-scheduled maintenance and the help of professionals that will keep the vehicle at its best.

If you are in the Miami area at Cor-Auto, we can help you with all the professional maintenance in our Mercedes repair shop. If you need bodywork, a new paint job, or want to repair some dents and scratches, we also have a state of the art auto body shop.

The Interior is Built for Luxury and Comfort

This vehicle also shines when it comes to interior luxury and comfort. It features a spacious cabin along with a ride quality that is smooth and effortless.

It features a variety of luxury amenities, such as four different fragrance scents, more than 20 speakers for quality sound, immaculately crafted Napa leather, heating and cooling for every passenger, plush armrests, and massage seats.

The vehicle is great for road trips as well since it comes with cooling cup holders, folding tables, and monitors for entertainment. You’ll appreciate these comfortable amenities whether you’re a passenger or driver. 

Assess the Center Console and Entertainment

The center console of this vehicle features a variety of options. It comes with an intuitive infotainment system that allows you to command so many elements of your experience. Like most vehicles today, this model comes with Bluetooth audio capability that you’ll appreciate. 
With Bluetooth audio, you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts straight from your phone. This also allows you to experience hands-free service so that you can drive without distractions.

It also features excellent navigation that will get you from point A to point B with the best routes. Other features include a variety of USB ports, satellite radio subscriptions, and other features that make the experience a delight for any vehicle owner.

Safety Features are Critical With the Mercedes Benz S550

With any vehicle, you should be mindful of the safety ratings and features. This vehicle gets high marks for safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

It comes with a variety of features that will make you and your passengers safer as you drive.

Among the safety features include front impact airbags, side airbags, overhead airbags, and knee airbags. It also features sophisticated stability control and a high-tech system. The cabin is spacious and durable enough to protect you if you get into a car accident.

It also has impeccable steering to keep you safe, along with features like lane assist, a total surround camera system, vision mode, pedestrian detection, and autonomous driving features.

You will feel safe anytime you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, and this Mercedes S-Class is helpful for that.

We offer the Best Mercedes Benz Used Parts You Can Find

Now that you know a bit more about the vehicle itself, it’s important to look into purchasing parts. Here are some points you should understand: 

Are Used Parts Worth It?

You’ve probably heard a lot about Mercedes Junkyard. There’s a reason that so many people decide to go the used parts route when it’s time to fix their Mercedes.

For one, you get these parts at a significant discount compared to what you would pay for brand new parts. This discount allows you to mix and match these parts at your leisure without having to break the bank.

Purchasing used parts is also an eco-friendly matter since you are essentially recycling them and lowering your carbon footprint.

Buy Parts From Companies That Offer Excellent Customer Service

Whether you need auto body parts, engine parts, transmission, or any others, customer service is critical.

You can trust any part you purchase when you know you’re dealing with a quality company. Look into their background and find out how they deal with returns and any other customer service matters.

You owe it to yourself to shop with someone that can process returns in a timely manner and in a way that allows you to rectify issues as they come along. Choose a company that is attentive to detail and responsive to your needs as they come along.

Find Out How They Procure the Parts

Several repair shops that acquire parts from a variety of different sources.
Please make sure you look into how these repair shops get their parts and that every precaution is taken.

When they source parts from quality locations, choose those who take care and attention to detail that they pass along to their customers.

Choose a company that provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts so that they work correctly in your vehicle. The last thing you would want is to purchase a set of parts only to find out that they are shoddy or less than helpful since they weren’t sourced from reputable locations. 

Know What Parts You Need for Your Repairs

To make sure your parts shopping experience is productive, you need to do a little bit of research independently. Take the time first to make sure you understand the exact part that you need for your vehicle. This begins with an accurate diagnostic check from mechanics you can trust.
Today, many part’s retailers will also offer diagnostics, allowing you to get accurate information about the exact part you need. This way, you do not run the risk of purchasing the wrong part for your vehicle that you will inevitably have to swap out.

Get to Know Your Engine and Transmission

When purchasing any parts for your car, start with an understanding of the engine and transmission. For the Mercedes S-Class or any other models for that matter, there are several different moving parts that make these engine and transmission systems work.

The more that you know about your engine, the more will have purchasing Used Mercedes Engines.

Always make sure that you’re purchasing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engine parts and that you’re paying careful attention to the check engine light as it comes on.

Determine Which Parts are Interchangeable From Other Models

One of the benefits of sticking to a specific vehicle manufacturer is that you can mix and match parts between various years and models. This requires some painstaking research on your part to make sure they’re compatible.

When you’ve done your research into these parts ahead of time, you are more likely to make informed decisions for your vehicle repairs. Handle this matter with care so that you’re given a chance to fix your vehicle correctly. 

Our professional staff uses the most up-to-date information that comes directly from Mercedes Benz. We will help you choose the most appropriate parts to provide the perfect match for your vehicle and without headaches.

Look Into Getting Additional Warranties for Any Parts That You Purchase

It’s important that you look into warranties or your vehicle parts. When purchasing either new or used parts for your Mercedes S-Class, the hope is always that it will last for many years to come.

Cor-auto offers extended warranties on anything that you buy. This gives you the chance to get repairs or replacements as needed. Since you’re relying on these parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly, it only makes sense to purchase a significant warranty to go with it.

Be sure to read the terms of agreement of the warranty to know that you’re covered for years to come.

When you buy Used Mercedes Benz parts online, it is also important to read the Privacy Policy to protect your information.

Shop With Someone That Ship Parts Widely

Look into your parts providers’ shipping policies as well. Sometimes you need to look far and wide to find the right part for your vehicle at the right cost. There are several companies that ship quickly and to any location.

You owe it to yourself to choose one that will get you whichever part you need in a timely manner. Look into their policies and make sure that they take all precautions when shipping their parts.

At Cor-Auto, we have a transport fleet for local transportation. We work with USPS and FedEx for national and international distribution. We can also deliver to your courier in Miami.

Do business with parts retailers that have reasonable prices.

Choose companies price their parts competitively and look into special promotions whenever possible.

Allow these professionals to price match other competitors or to see if they offer any payment plans to help you get your hands on the right parts without coming out of pocket all at once.

You will feel great about any parts you purchase when you know that you’re getting the best prices. Cor-auto always prices competitively, and we have full confidence that you’ll be pleased with the result.

Make Sure They’re Following COVID-19 Protocols and Environmental Regulations

Today, you need to be mindful of COVID-19 protocols and regulations when shopping around for quality parts. Do business with companies that adhere to these regulations for your health and safety and the health and safety of others.
You should also do business with professionals who take eco-friendly measures in their building and with the way that they source and ship their parts. 

Cor-auto pays careful attention to COVID protocols and always remains up to date. You will feel safe and taken care of anytime that you shop with us.

Know What Parts You Need for Your Repairs

These tips will help when you’re purchasing Mercedes Benz used parts. The Mercedes S-Class is a thing of beauty, and you should only outfit it with the best parts you can find. 
We’d love to help you with that. Our company has years of experience with used Mercedes parts and will pass this knowledge and expertise along to our customers for their benefit.

Reach out to us today to get a quote on any parts or service you’re looking for!

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